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We perform international transportation of cars all across Europe, including in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, Chech Republic, Luxembourg. We especially value the quality of our transportation services as well as the precision and promptness of our deliveries. We are on the road during the whole year, under all meteorological conditions, following complex routes, so that our customers always feel satisfied and secure. Our motto is "Correct, punctual, fast !"

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Why Pro Transport

We are a valued partner in international transportation because we have a long standing experience in organizing and performing of commissions for customers throughout whole Europe. We have qualified drivers who are well aware of European roads and we keep reliable fleet of trucks and trailers which we always maintain in excellent condition. Our logistics center permits us to plan and perform the deliveries without problems on time.

Our drivers constantly maintain their qualification as annually undergo training courses, which update their knowledge on the legislation of different countries. Their training includes improving their work habits, focus on the quality performance of the transport service. Periodically they pass the planned mandatory medical examinations.

Our fleet consists of about 40 trucks, sem-trailers and trailers manufactured by Renault and Mercedes. All of them comply with the requirements of the European road legislation. We maintain our fleet in excellent technical condition by permanent monitoring of the machines and periodical full technical inspection. We inspect and repair of the fleet in our own service station.

The Logistics Center allows us to plan and perform our tasks optimally, precisely and on time. Using a GPS/GSM system we monitor in real time the location of the trucks, the performance of their engines and their equipment. We ensure reliable contact with our drivers and follow the routes to support and advise them whenever necessary.

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International Legislation

To ensure strict and faultless fulfillment of our duties we continually keep up with the amendments of transportation legislation in the countries we are visiting. We have all the necessary licenses and certificates demanded by European legislation.

EU international carrier license
Carrier's liability insurance certificate (1)
Carrier's liability insurance certificate (2.1)
Carrier's liability insurance certificate - Deutsch (2.2)

Our Service Station

We have our own service station with a well qualified team of engineers and workers. The station is equipped with all the necessary machines and conveniences in order to ensure the necessary preventive inspections and seasonal repairs of our fleet. In the mean time the service station is taking orders and is performing repairs of cars and trucks of external customers.

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